Center EDGE Selects Latest Cohort for EdTech Accelerator Program

November 7th, 2022 – USC Rossier’s Center EDGE has selected the latest cohort for the EdTech Accelerator Program for the 2022-2023 academic year. Across the previous four cohorts, 80% of founders identify as BIPOC or women and 90% have remained operational post-accelerator.

We congratulate the newest cohort, which includes 16 organizations that work on a wide range of areas from financial literacy to language development to STEM education.  

Read more about the latest cohort below:

For bicultural kids ages 1-7 at risk of generational of communication, Bilingüe, facilitates native language development through mixed digital and physical play.
ClassEquity is in a EdTech platform that teaches financial literacy and promotes positive social behaviors through hands on classroom learning and earning.
White-label Coding & CSEd platform for the 1 Billion out-of-reach Teens.
CRISPR Classroom is an education technology company closing the gap between STEM innovation and education for students and professionals.
The CTE Entrepreneurship Academy provides supplemental, online curriculum for students in career and technical education programs who are interested in starting their own businesses in their respective trades or fields.
EduMatch is a platform that matches speakers and educators to optimize student learning. provides automated video editing and knowledge curation using A.I. to transform video recordings (Zoom, etc) into short video chapters with a table of contents, summaries, and other generated content for engaging and accessible online learning and efficient org. knowledge share.
Gateway helps high school students explore their career interests through internships, externships, professional training, and mentorship.
A Web and Mobile app for examination preparation to help West African students ace competitive examinations
Converge uses best-in-class data integration, interoperability standards and visualization to empower districts, educators & students.
AI Generated Assessments for YouTube Tutorials
We create makerspaces that give young children the tools and the opportunity to learn to code with AI in a fun and inviting way.
A game-based learning platform for kids to learn multiple languages and world cultures. Think Disney Meets Duolingo.
A peer feedback tool for a more social, engaging, effective classroom.
An ESG tech organization that Providesa Sustainable Business Game to Learn ESG
The joy of learning technology. We are reimagining digital skills education for all.
Accelerator Program – Cohort #5

Learn more about our Accelerator Program here.