About Center EDGE

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About Us

Center EDGE fuels interdisciplinary partnerships to bring relevant, sustainable innovation to scale in the crucial area of educational engagement – the activities and techniques used to improve teaching and learning outcomes.

Our Methodology

  1. Identify areas relevant to educational engagement and the companies innovating within those spaces.
  2. Perform rapid-cycle research to identify product market fit and proof of concept with the help of our expansive network of partners.
  3. Accelerate and sustain growth through economies of scale and user adoption.

“Our work begins by identifying the areas relevant to educational engagement and those innovating within the space. With the help of our extensive network and world-class faculty, we apply rapid-cycle research to prove the technologies that work and make them scalable and sustainable. This is our moment. Center EDGE will transform the future of education.”

– Alan Arkatov, Founding Director

Our Partners & Network

Our extensive network is composed of renowned experts in the education sector and actively shares ideas for youth engagement and innovations.

Our Supporters

Center EDGE is supported in its work by a variety of organizations, partners, and individuals that provide us the freedom to innovate and transform the future of education.

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